iJustine Fills in for Malik and Arrington at BlogWorld

Posted on November 9, 2007

Blognation says two confirmed speakers for the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada did not attend. Fortunately, lifecaster Justine Ezarik - aka iJustine - filled in as a speaker on one of the panels. Valleywag offers this explanation.

Om, apparently called in sick, while Arrington, according to Leo Laporte, "forgot" about his commitment. The replacement? A chat with Justine Ezarik, who hosts a lifecasting videoblog under the name iJustine. For attendees who were disappointed by the switch, we offer one consolation: The comely video blogger is far, far easier on the eyes than Arrington or Malik. Hail the new cult leader!
The BlogWorld Expo website contains a handy collection of blogging statistics. You can also read their blog for a look at some of what is going on at the blogging trade show. There's a BlogWorld Twitter as well.

iJustine has already released a video that shows her touring the BlogWorld convention floor.

Update 11-10-07: Michael Arrington says on Crunchnotes that he never agreed to attend the Blogworld conference and he "would really appreciate it if the organizers of Blogworld would post something clearing this up."

The Blogworld Expo's website does list Arrington as a speaker so they really should explain why Michael Arrington was listed if he never agreed to attend.

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