IACP Cookbook Award Nominees Announced

Posted on April 17, 2002

The finalists for the 2002 IACP Cookbook Awards and the 2002 IACP Awards of Excellence were announced Monday night, March 28 at a press reception at Le Cirque 2000 in New York City. Last year's Cookbook of the Year award went to Regan Daley for In the Sweet Kitchen: The Definitive Guide to the Baker's Pantry (Random House Canada). Awards are also given for specific categories including Food Reference/Technical Category, Health and Special Diet Category, Literary Food Writing Category and Wine, Beer or Spirits Category.

The IACP Cookbook Awards annually celebrate the year's most outstanding food and beverage publications. The awards program (originally Tastemaker's) was created to encourage and promote quality and creativity in cookbook writing and publishing and to expand awareness of culinary literature.

A list of nominees for this year's IACP Cookbook Awards can be found on the IACP's website. Winners of the 2002 IACP Cookbook Awards will be announced April 20, 2002.

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