Hugh MacLeod Terminates Twitter Distraction

Posted on April 10, 2008

Writing books is a noble goal. Author, blogger and cartoonist Hugh MacLeod feels the need to delete his Twitter account so he can focus on writing them.

It's no big deal. I liked Twitter. But I found it too easy.

I think my time would be better spent drawing cartoons and writing books.

That's just how I feel.

If it's no big deal then why not just go on a Twitter hiatus instead of pulling the account? Twitter accounts can be reactivated but it hasn't been an easy process for some.

You could also turn off the Internet as Robert Scoble suggests in a post today.

Want to get something done? Turn off Twitter. Turn off Facebook. Turn off blog comments. Turn off FriendFeed. Turn off Flickr. Turn off YouTube. Turn off Dave Winer's blog and Huffington Post. Turn off TechMeme.

Turn off the distractions.

Hugh MacLeod is off Twitter (at least for now) but the Twitter distraction continues for the rest of us.

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