How Much is Your Blog Worth?

Posted on July 25, 2006

There are now two blog worth calculators out there to help you inaccurately estimate the financial value of your blog. Pingoat, a ping server, also has a Blog Worth calculator. The calculator tool will also provide a trend graphics.

The original blog worth tool that we first mentioned last October was available the Business Opportunities Weblog. The Business Opportunities Weblog calculator uses data from Technorati and research by Tristan Louis that was based on the sale of Weblogs, Inc. to AOL.

The Pingoat calculator uses a much smaller dollar amount per inbound link for its calculations. Basing blog worth on the number of inbound links is bound to be inaccurate because this doesn't give you a true measure of a blog's value or popularity. However, these are both still fun little blog add-ons to use.

Update: These blog worth calculators are no longer available. A better calculation of your blog's worth is probably a multiple of how much revenue it generates each year. How to determine exactly what the multiple is will not be easy to do. It will depend on market conditions, the interest in your blog's niche and other factors.

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