HD-DVD Processing Code Spreads Despite Attempts to Stop It

Posted on May 2, 2007

The HD-DVD processing code that reportedly unlocks copyrighted HD-DVDs is spreading around the Internet despite attempts by the AACS Licensing Authority to stop it. Google lists 57,200 pages that contain the 16-digit hexadecimal number. That has increased substantially since Boing Boing said there were 32,000 pages listed in Google earlier today.

Social media websites like Digg and Reddit are greatly expediting the spread of the code. Digg initially tried to comply with the requests to remove posts about the HD-DVD hack but the website was overwhelmed by its users posting the code. Eventually Digg's Kevin Rose saw which way the wind was blowing and posted a message that includes the code right in the headline.

The code reportedly first appeared on Reddit.com, a Digg competitor. Search Engine Land has a good overview of the story so far.

Meanwhile, the code continues to spread on social media websites and in the blogosphere. There's even a song that uses the code as its lyrics. More discussion of this topic can be found here on Techmeme.

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