Google+ Now Lets Users Pin Posts

Posted on December 4, 2014

Google+ has added the pinned posts capability to Google+ pages. A post can be pinned to the top of your Google+ page where it will stay until it is unpinned. This can be helpful if you have a post that you want all new users to see and not get pushed down the page by more recent posts.

The announcement was made here by Google's Dennis Troper. He says the pin a post option can be found on the posts tab of your Google profile or page. The example provided shows a pinned post on the +Brooklyn Nets Google+ page. A little green pin image indicated the post is pinned.

Troper says, "People often have posts that they want to make sure get seen when someone visits their profile, like a great nature shot from a recent family trip. Businesses also have content they want to highlight such as photos of a new product or a trailer for an upcoming movie."

Twitter has offered pinned tweets for a while. Pinned tweets can be very useful to direct new visitors to a post that explains what you are about. They can also be handy if you have tweeted something about to a timely event you are covering that you don't want sinking to the bottom. Venture Beat says Facebook also allows pinned posts on Facebook Pages but not on profiles. Pinned posts are most useful to those who have a lot of traffic coming to their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page.

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