Google Launches Google +1 Button Embed Code

Posted on June 2, 2011

Google has made code available for its new +1 Button, so bloggers and webmasters can add the button to webpages and blog permalinks. The code for creating a +1 button can be found here.

Your +1's are stores in a tab on your Google profile, where you can manage them. It could be very useful for bookmarking, but the public aspect of +1's might be a negative drawback. There are not many people using the +1 button yet - even the +1 button code page has only been +1d about 2,000 times. However, usage is likely to grow as people try it. Growth may be slow as people need Google profiles to +1 webpages.

Search Engine Land reports that webmasters will eventually be able to see Google +1 data in Google Analytics, but it may be a while before this happens.

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