Golden Books Launches Star Wars Children's Book Series

Posted on July 6, 2016

I Am a Droid from Golden Book Star Wars

Golden Books has expanded its line of Star Wars books. The new children's books start with "I Am." They include titles like I Am a Droid and I Am a Jedi.

The two books mentioned above and I Am a Pilot are in bookstores now. Two new Golden Books - I Am a Princess and I Am a Sith wiill arrive later this month. Authors of the books include Courtney Carbone, Heather Martinez, Chris Kennett, Ron Cohee, Geof Smith and Alan Batson.

I Am a Princess from Golden Book Star Wars

The books provide a fun way to introduce young children to the Star Wars universe. They are for ages 2 to 5. You can find the books here on

I Am a Jedi from Golden Book Star Wars

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