Raises $6 Million

Posted on January 17, 2006 has raised $6 million in venture funding. Marketwatch reports that the funding round was led by Jim Manzi, former CEO of Lotus Development Corp. Manzi is joining the Gather board of directors. Some of the other investors in the financing round include Southern California Public Radio, American Public Media Group, and Gerace.

Marketwatch says Gather has 8,500 bloggers using its site. We mentioned Gather in a post from last November when we discussed their goal of building a giant blogging community. Gather's article ranking system may interest some writers but it remains to be seen how much interest there will be in Gather Points -- unless they are redeemable for actual cash.

There does appear to be a lot of blogging activity at Gather but those Gather Points need to be redeemable as cash and not as coupons or free stuff. The Boston Globe also has an earlier article about Gather.

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