Future Competition for Human Bloggers: Super Intelligent Robot Bloggers

Posted on March 7, 2007

In the future human bloggers may face a new threat - robots that blog. These robot bloggers may have the advantage of having processors that are faster than our human brains and the ability to interface directly with the Internet. No typing necessary. The BBC is seriously reporting that South Korea is already concerned with ethical issues involving robots. They will be releasing the Robot Ethics Charter at the end of the year. South Korea's government also predicts robot surgeons by 2018.

A recent government report forecast that robots would routinely carry out surgery by 2018.

The Ministry of Information and Communication has also predicted that every South Korean household will have a robot by between 2015 and 2020.

The article also says that a UK study predicts that robots will demand the same rights as human beings before 2060. If the robots are smart enough to demand rights they will have no problem blogging.
Other bodies are also thinking about the robotic future. Last year a UK government study predicted that in the next 50 years robots could demand the same rights as human beings.

The European Robotics Research Network is also drawing up a set of guidelines on the use of robots.

This ethical roadmap has been assembled by researchers who believe that robotics will soon come under the same scrutiny as disciplines such as nuclear physics and Bioengineering.

A draft of the proposals said: "In the 21st Century humanity will coexist with the first alien intelligence we have ever come into contact with - robots.

"It will be an event rich in ethical, social and economic problems."

Even if all these robot predictions come true we humans should have at least another decade or two to blog freely without the threat of robotic competition.

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