Foursquare Partners With ESPN, and Songkick for Events

Posted on August 18, 2011

Foursquare Events

Foursquare announced on its blog that it has added events to its social check-in service. They have partnered with ESPN for sports events, for movies and Songkick for concerts. Foursquare says this means there will hundreds of thousands of events are over 50,000 venues created over the next few months.

Foursquare says, "Now, when you check in to a place with one of those things happening, you'll be able to check in to the event, too. It's a great way to include big events and save the shout-typing time, without creating too much clutter in our UI. And we're looking at ways to expand that further."

It is an interesting move for Foursquare as it pushes them down the path of "what are you doing?" as opposed to just "where are you?" As Foursquare heads down this path they start encroaching on more Facebook and Twitter territory.

So far, Foursquare is not letting users and venues create their own events, but they say they are thinking about it.

Photo: Image: Foursquare

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