Facebook Churns Out Big Numbers

Posted on March 30, 2007

Venturebeat has an article on Facebook and it looks like strong growth is continues on the social network. Facebook is claiming 1.5 billion daily pageviews and 20 million registered users.

Facebook tells us the site is seeing about 1.5 billion page views a day, up from about 1 billion daily views last month - statistics that haven't been released until now. That's a huge jump.

First, myself and non-college friends appear to be getting more unsolicited invites from others - including those not in school - to connect on Facebook. Facebook is going mainstream.

Facebook's user and traffic growth is impressive but the Venturebeat article also looks like at Facebook's API called Facebook Developers that could provide additional growth for the company.
But there's an undercurrent of development happening, suggesting Facebook may be seeing serious momentum in other ways. It's old news that Facebook opened its application programming interface last year, which lets software developers outside Facebook build other applications on top of Facebook's platform and data. The open project is called the Facebook Platform. But Facebook's growth over the past several months, and improvement to its API policy, deserve attention.
Facebook users are going to have to not mind that their data is pulled out for use in other applications but so far that doesn't appear to be a problem. Venturebeat's article also lists several companies looking to use data and/or build applications from Facebook including Mosoto, Slide, Jobster and Auctomatic.

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