Ebook of The Lost Symbol to be Released Simultaneously With Hardcover

Posted on August 14, 2009

The New York Times reports that the ebook version of Dan Brown's upcoming novel, The Lost Symbol will be released at the same time the hardback is released. Doubleday said earlier this year that it was still considering the timing of the ebook.

In an email message this morning, Suzanne Herz, a spokeswoman for Knopf Doubleday, said, "Now that all of our security and logistical issues surrounding the e-book of The Lost Symbol have been resolved, the e-book will be released simultaneously with the hardcover on September 15."
The publishing industry is worried that ebooks, which cost around $10, will cannibalize the sale of hardcover books, which retail for close to $35 in some cases. But Doubleday feels it has the security issues under control and is moving forward with the simultaneous release. It is planning on printing 5 million copies of the hardcover.

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