Crowd Fusion Launches Tech Gadget Blog Called Obsessable

Posted on September 30, 2008

A new technology blog and resource called Obsessable is powered by Crowd Fusion. Crowd Fusion is blogging software that is billed as a "rapid development content engine."

Obsessable covers the latest in the world of technology, including cell phones, cameras, and HDTVs - obsessively, of course. Obsessable is powered by the rapid content development engine, Crowd Fusion.
Obsessable is the first blog from Crowd Fusion. Tech and gadget blogging is obviously a very crowded field already. Duncan Riley at The Inquisitr says that many of the people behind Crowd Fusion were previously with Weblogs Inc. so they do have people with past experience in the tech blog field. Duncan Riley also says that Crowd Fusion raised $3 million from investors.

It looks like Crowd Fusion makes it easy to create blog posts and product descriptions and tie them together. This would be useful technology for anyone considering a product type of website. You can see how the Xbox 360 product listing includes photos, current Obsessable blog posts and links to content found elsewhere on the web.

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