CrackSpace or Hip Hop Crack

Posted on October 18, 2006

A new social network focusing on hip hop music is named either called CrackSpace or Hip Hop Crack. Mashable notes that is is not buttock-related but parents that find out their kids have been on CrackSpace will probably be more worried about drugs than buttocks.

You kids that thought it was hard convincing your parents you have a MySpace profile -- just wait until you show them your profile on CrackSpace. Fortunately, the site is is about hip hop music and not about buttocks or drugs. Mashable says the site has hip hop videos, social network features, video sharing and ringtones.

No, not a buttock-related social network, but a blend of MySpace and YouTube aimed at hip-hop fans, at least according to a paper copy of Billboard Magazine. Designed for the "urban youth" demographic, California-based CrackSpace will offer exclusive videos and tracks from artists like Ludacris, T.I., Diddy, Akon, Ghostface, Lloyd Banks, Hi-Tek, Jim Jones and Foxy Brown. They're also throwing in a MySpace-style social network, a YouTube-inspired video sharing service, a download store and the option to sell your own videos, music, wallpapers and ringtones. The site launches officially on November 1st, but they pre-announced it today and most of the functionality seems to be there already.
Mashable says the site will officially launch November 1st. The site's member directory shows 50 pages of members with 51 members per page so they have over 2,500 members already. Those are pretty good pre-launch numbers.

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