ClickZ Launches New Discussion Forum For Online Marketers

Posted on June 23, 1999

ClickZ, an online community for Internet marketers, has announced a new discussion list for debating issues facing the marketing industry -- the ClickZ Forum. Richard Hoy will run the new forum. Hoy is best know as the moderator of the popular Online Advertising Discussion List, a forum he ran for three years. Hoy stepped down from that position a month ago to become Director of Community Development for ClickZ.

The ClickZ Network was founded in 1997 and headquartered in Andover, MA, and features resources and advice for online marketers. The Network culls the experiences of more than 70 contributors to deliver articles each week about online marketing and e-commerce. ClickZ reaches more than 30,000 subscribers each business day through e-mail and the web.

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