Carnegie Mellon Study Ranks Most Informative Blogs

Posted on October 26, 2007

Photo of Professor Charles Eppes from the hit show Numb3rs The mathematical geniuses at Carnegie Mellon have used complex mathematics to answer the following question: if you could only read 100 of the millions of blogs on the Internet and you wanted to keep up with what the blogosphere is talking about, which blogs should you read? Well, guess what? Our sister site, Bloggers Blog, is number 8 on the list! Congratulations, guys!

The list is an interesting one. There are political blogs from both the right and left, at least one gossip blog and other blogs that span the spectrum. Here are the top 20:

  1. Instapundit
  2. Don Surber
  3. Science & Politics
  4. Watcher of Weasesls
  5. Michelle Malkin
  6. National Journal's Blogometer
  7. The Modulator
  8. Bloggers Blog
  9. Boing Boing
  10. Atrios
If you enjoy a good algorithm or ten, by all means please go read the final, award-winning paper in .pdf format entitled "Cost-Effective Outbreak Detection in Networks."

Photo: David Krumholtz as Professor Charlie Epps in one of our favorite shows, NUMB3RS/CBS

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