Britney Spears and the Sitcom Writers

Posted on March 30, 2006

Britney Spears is going to be a guest star on Will and Grace. She will play a conservative co-host on Jack's talk show. USA Today reports that her appearance is a "post-baby test" to gauge public interest in Britney. We suspect interest in Britney will continue. She's very likable.

The creators of Will & Grace are counting on that. With ratings down about 20% this year, observers will be watching to see whether Spears' appearance gives the show a boost. "Assuming she can pull it off, it's a good ... gig for her and for them," because Spears is cast against type, says Tim Brooks, co-author of The Complete Directory to Prime-Time Network and Cable TV Shows. "It gets the curiosity factor going."

On the set, Spears was "skilled as a comedic actress," Janetti says. She adapted to script changes and played to the live audience. "She knows where the joke is."

Janetti calls her "charming," "plucky" and "out there." And "we really respond to her in the writers' room." But only in this final season did things come together for a Spears appearance. On the show, she ranks among the bigger-than-life celebs, such as Madonna and Cher, who often get shout-outs.

The word is that she was easy to work with and that the writers on the show really liked her. And that is why Britney will make a comeback: she's smart enough to get the writers on her side. Of course, as one gets older it's also helpful to make friends with the lighting guys, too.

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