New York Post's Richard Johnson: Blogs are Parasites

Posted on March 26, 2008

I Want Media has posted this brief one question interview with Richard Johnson, the editor of New York Post's popular gossip column called Page Six. In the one question interview Richard Johnson says blogs are like parasites.

Richard Johnson, editor of New York Post's Page Six column: "I think they're more like parasites. A lot of them don't generate their own news stories. Some of them have been sued for publishing things they don't have the rights to publish. Mostly, they're just parasites." ... But, while interest in celebrities is increasing, was folded recently because "we were about two years too late" on the Internet.
A lot of celebrity "news" is generated by the celebrity publicists so it is wrong to suggest that blogs are constantly sucking celebrity gossip material away from the magazines and newspapers. Johnson could just be bitter because the project failed - although it might have done much better if the website had been given a little more time.

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