Blogosphere Still Doubling Every Six Months

Posted on April 17, 2006

David Sifry, the CEO and founder of Technorati, has posted another State of the Blogosphere report. This report focuses on blogosphere growth and it shows strong growth continuing. The blogosphere is still doubling every six months and Technorati now tracks over 35 million blogs. However, that number is trimmed down to just 3.9 million blogs when you count only blogs that are updated at least once a week. Here are some of the highlights from the report.

  • Technorati now tracks over 35.3 Million blogs
  • The blogosphere is doubling in size every 6 months
  • It is now over 60 times bigger than it was 3 years ago
  • On average, a new weblog is created every second of every day
  • 19.4 million bloggers (55%) are still posting 3 months after their blogs are created
  • Technorati tracks about 1.2 Million new blog posts each day, about 50,000 per hour

    Often these reports are followed by some negative blogging articles by journalists -- or at least it seems that way. Negative blogging stories like's Time for the Last Post followed shortly after the Sifry's February blogosphere growth report. We will have to wait and see if this happens again.

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