BlogHer Conference to Debut in July

Posted on April 15, 2005

The BlogHer Conference 2005 will be held July 30, 2005 at TechMart Meeting Center in Santa Clara, California. The website says the conference "will be the first of its kind, an opportunity for the female blogging community to meet in person. It will set the agenda for future BlogHer networking and enhance women's influence in the blog community." One of the main goals of BlogHer is to get more exposure for women bloggers. The site says: "Once women bloggers build relationships with each other -- online and in person -- it will be easier for Web users to find more quality, relevant bloggers. A broader diversity of top-trafficked bloggers will follow." Men, or BlogHims, are also allowed to attend the conference. More about the BlogHer conference can be found on the website.

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