Bloggers Discuss Du Bist Deutschland Campaign

Posted on January 24, 2006

There has been heavy coverage in the blogosphere of Germany's du Bist Deutschland, a marketing campaign designed to make Germans feel better about themselves and their country. Blogger Mark Daniels explains why the campaign has caused such a stir in the blogosphere and in Europe.

Du Bist Deutschland is the tag line of an enormous PR-campaign designed to help Germans feel good about being German. But a problem has developed. A photograph has recently been discovered of a 1930s-era Nazi conclave in which a banner emblazoned with the motto, "Denn Du bist Deutschland," meaning, "Cause Your Are Germany" is shown. This evidently has caused a major controversy, calling the continuation of the entire campaign into question.
"Du Bist Deutschland" is #1 on Technorati as of this writing with over 4,000 results but just 140+ English results. BlogPulse shows 1600 results and IceRocket shows 119 results.

More on the similar Nazi-era motto including a photograph can be found here in a Deutsche Welle article.

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