Bloggers Cover Enron Convictions

Posted on May 25, 2006

Bloggers are covering the convictions in the Enron case. Technorati has posted the text, "Enron's Skilling and Lay convicted... See what bloggers are saying" on their homepage with a link to the Enron tag. There will no doubt be an increase in posts now that Jeffrey Skilling and Ken Lay have been convicted. Technorati currently lists over 58,000 posts for Enron.

The Houston Chronicle has a couple Enron-specific blogs: Enron: Trial Watch and Enron: Legal Commentary. Enron was headquarted in Houston so it's appropriate that they have been providing in-depth coverage of the Enron saga. The Chronicle has put out a special edition of the paper because of the Enron trial. They also have a special online section following the Enron disaster.

The WSJ's Law Blog is discussing the chances of winning an appeal: "If the experts' commentary is to be believed, Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling shouldn't pin their hopes on an appellate reversal."

The The Texas Songbird says, "I remember hearing the phrase 'the smartest guys in the room' bantered about a few times during the trial of former Enron chiefs Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. I'm not buying it. They were caught and convicted."

Some bloggers think there could be a presidential pardon for Ken Lay in 2008. In other Enron blog news Weblogs, Inc. once had an Enron Blog but it was shut down in June, 2005.

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