Bebo Returns as a Messaging App

Posted on December 30, 2014

Bebo was once one of the top social networks. It was most popular in the UK. The social network was sold to AOL for $850 million in 2008.

The social network collapsed under AOL's leadership and AOL eventually sold it to a hedge fund for around $10 million. Bebo's co-founder Michael Birch then bought the site back for $1 million in 2013. Birch told Inc. that he purchased the site in order to try and reinvent it.

Bebo is now a messaging app for Android and iOS. It can be found on The app allows users to create a custom avatars and talk to friends. The app also includes lots of hashtags for expressions or different functions. For example, the #Draw hashtag lets you doodle in the chat window. The #slap hashtag will have your avatar slap the avatar of another. The Telegraph highlights some of the other hashtags in this article such as #allthesingleladies and #motherofdragons.

The Bebo website says old photos from the Bebo social network will be available starting January 31st. The site also says the new Bebo is "for people who don't take life too seriously." The above images are from the iOS version of the app. Chatting is something that continues to thrive online so Bebo has a decent shot with its new messanging app, especially if it can reconnect with some its of its old Bebo fans.

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