Barnes and Noble Launches Nook Press

Posted on April 9, 2013

Barnes and Noble announced the launch of Nook Press, a new self-publishing platform. The new service will take the place of PubIt! which was launched two and a half years ago. Barnes and Noble partnered with FastPencil to provide improved software to writers looking to self publish.

The new services uses FastPencil's proprietary technology which has a more user-friendly interface. Theresa Horner, Vice President of Digital Content at Nook Media, had this to say about the launch: "We're thrilled to bring all the new and exciting features of Nook Press to existing PubIt! authors and new writers looking for a quick, effective and free one-stop self-publishing platform that delivers high-quality eBooks to millions of book-loving NOOK customers."

Authors can price their books between $0.99 and $199.99 and get royalties based on the price. For Nook Press books priced at or between $2.99 and $9.99, authors receive 65 percent of the list price for sold content. For books priced at $2.98 or less, or $10.00 or more, authors receive 40% of the list price. Authors will be paid based on the list price they set. Barnes and Noble said there will be no additional charges, regardless of file size. Most Nook Press books are priced at $2.99 or less.

Note: Nook Press is now Barnes & Noble Press.

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