Barnes and Noble Retaliates: Pulls DC Comics From Shelves in Ebook War

Posted on October 8, 2011

Barnes and Noble execs were furious when DC Comics announced a four month exclusive deal with, where 100 classic comics would be available only on the Kindle Fire. According to Bleeding Cool, the comics aren't available for the Nook Color readers, so Barnes and Noble has decided to retaliate.

In a shocking move, the bookstore just pulled the 100 DC Comics that will be available on the Kindle Fire from its stores. You can still order comics online, but according to an internal memo to employees, "You will still be able to order the books on the website, but in bookstores you won't even be able to special order a copy � unless you request it delivered to your home. Copies will not be allowed to enter Barnes & Noble premises."

Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Sandman and scores of other bestselling comics have now disappeared from shelves. It's war.
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