Baltimore Sun Media Group Acquires City Paper

Posted on February 22, 2014

The Baltimore Sun Media Group (BSMG) has acquired the City Paper from Times-Shamrock Communications. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. BSMG will officially take charge of the City Paper on March 12th.

BSMG CEO Tim Ryan said in a statement, "This represents a great opportunity to add another successful media property to our portfolio. This acquisition will allow us to build upon the existing success of the City Paper. We want the paper to remain a valued alternative, independent voice in Baltimore. That's what made it attractive to us - it's adding a unique population of readers to our overall audience."

A City Paper blog post about the acquisition says the City Paper's editorial and sales teams will remain independent from the Baltimore Sun. A Baltimore Sun story says "All two dozen or so City Paper employees will lose their Times-Shamrock jobs at the start of March." Jim Romenesko says everyone at the paper was reportedly fired, but told they could possibly be rehired.

Jennifer Marsh has been named general manager of the City Paper. The Baltimore Sun says Marsh began her career at the paper and "held its top leadership role in 2011" before joining the Sun in 2013.

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