Ballantine Communications Launches Dorado Magazine

Posted on February 10, 2015

Ballantine Communications has launched a new luxury lifestyle magazine called Dorado. The magazine is targeted at residents living in the Southwest U.S. A photograph of a woman hiking can be seen on the scenic cover of the launch issue. The publisher says the magazine "embodies the diverse spirit of the Four Corners region, from its dramatic landscapes to the creative individuals who flock to its small towns and the thrill-seekers who come in search of adventure."

Jeff Ficker is the editorial director of Dorado. He previously was the managing editor of The Ritz-Carlton Magazine and Desert Living. Caroline Crafton is the creative director. She has previously worked for Vogue, Vanity Fair, InStyle, New York Weddings and People.

Chad Rose is the publisher of Dorado. He says, "Discovering new things will be key for Dorado. We will chronicle and distill the region's unique culture, ideas and history, while also providing aspirational, yet attainable experiences. Our advertising partners from real estate to travel to outdoor and fashion are very excited because they know their clientele have diverse interests."

The publication will be first distributed to affluent homes and businesses in Dallas, Houston and Austin. It will also be available for purchase on newsstands at airports and grocers. Ballantine says it plans to expand circulation to include Phoenix, Tucson and cities in Southern California at a future date. The magazine for the website can be found at:

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