Author's Tweeted Novel Now Available in Paperback

Posted on July 14, 2010

The French RevolutionAuthor Matt Stewart's novel, The French Revolution, is being published in paperback by Soft Skull Press. This is the second time his novel is being published. Matt Stewart first published his book on Twitter, tweet by tweet, using the @thefrenchrev Twitter account.

The Bay Citizen interviewed Matt Stewart about his novel on Twitter. Stewart was asked about his novel being the first novel published on Twitter.

"When I put the novel on Twitter, a few others claimed to be 1st. I made the most noise - and now "own" the title & associated infamy"
Stewart also said years of working on the book helped him get a book deal and Twitter helped him get noticed.
Really, years of working on the story was key to a book deal. That said, Twitter helped me stand out in a crowded, talented market.
Tech savvy Matt Stewart is also releasing a free iPhone app for readers to unlock video and bonus content in the book. You can find out the details about the app and his new book on his website,

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