Annoying Hoax: Technology Evangelist to Replace Imus on CBS

Posted on April 13, 2007

Update -- This story was a hoax. See bottom of post.

The Technology Evangelist says their Technology Evangelist podcast will be temporarily filling the slot vacated when CBS fired Don Imus.

This is supposed to be under embargo until Midnight EST, but heck, it involves us, so you're hearing it here first.

Things are moving very fast at Technology Evangelist, and an amazing opportunity has been presented to us that we simply couldn't pass up. We're extraordinarily busy, so here is just a quick note for now with the news:

Starting Monday, the Technology Evangelist Podcast will replace Don Imus on CBS radio until a permanent replacement can be found.

The first show will be on Monday. Technology Evangelist's show has been praised by some a-list tech bloggers. Marshall Kirkpatrick at Splashcast says the show is, "one of the best produced video podcasts on the web today." Robert Scoble also compliments the show in this post. Hopefully, the show will run a while on CBS before an Imus replacement is found.


Turns out this was some kind of a joke. Pretty funny not. Consider this post the last time we mention Technology Evangelist. In future, let's all keep the stupid hoaxes from spreading beyond April 1st. Kudos to Deep Jive Interests for managing to hold back before posting.

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