Alan Meckler: 99.99% of All Blogs are Worthless

Posted on April 27, 2005

Legal departments around the world are concerned that people in their company are just blogging away. We have said before that legal departments at publicly traded companies are probably the most concerned. But Blogspotting reports that JupiterMedia CEO Alan Meckler blogs away without much concern. Their latest blog entry includes excerpt from a BusinessWeek interview with Meckler. Meckler, who thinks blogs are just another publishing medium, also said that he doesn't get help from a PR department and receives lots of spam comments. Here is how important Meckler thinks blogs will be:

BW: Will blogs be a big business?
Meckler: I'm somewhat jaundiced about the real economic impact, in terms of revenue. About 99.99% of all blogs are essentially worthless. It's another medium, that's all it is.

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