Forecast: 60 Million Bloggers on China's Censoredsphere by Year's End

Posted on May 6, 2006

China will reportedly have over 60 million bloggers by the end of 2006 and 100 million in 2007. China has 110 million web users so over half of them will have blogs if this forecast turns out to be accurate.

Reuters reports that a Baidu survey found there are 36.82 million blogs in China from 16 million people. A Chinese blogging service named Bokee claims to be adding 100,000 new blogs daily.

Zhang Xiaorong, strategy development director of Bokee, is quoted as saying, "The expected 60 million bloggers would account for more than half of China's 110 million netizens."

That's terrific that they have so many bloggers in China but it is awful that they censor the blogosphere and ban Technorati. It is also a shame when big U.S. companies like Microsoft help them censor bloggers.

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