10 Downing Street is Twittering

Posted on March 27, 2008

The UK Prime Minister now has an official Twitter account. The 10 Downing Street Twitter is using Twitterfeed to publish news from the 10 Downing Street website's news feed. They also have one tweet that was entered directly.

Stuart Bruce appears to have been the first to report this on Twitter. He also blogged about the news.

The U.S. government is behind the UK when it comes to Twitter. There are some U.S. congressman on Twitter. The U.S. State Department has a Twitter here for its Dipnote blog but the White House doesn't have a Twitter yet.

Update: Online Journalism Blog says it was Dave Briggs who first tweeted about the Downing Street Twitter not Stuart Bruce. Briggs beat Bruce by a little over an hour according to Tweet Scan.

Update: The 10 Downing Street Twitter account has moved to @Number10gov.

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