Writing Prompts

Writing prompts help inspire and motivate writers to write. Writing prompts can help break writer's block by sparking your brain to think creatively. They can also be used to start a story, which is why they are also known as "story starters." Writing prompts come in different formats, including text, photographs and word puzzles. Our prompts can be used to inspire stories, poems, journal entries and more. Get out your pen, pencil or laptop - or site at your desktop - and get ready to write.

Add a Cat (4-22-18)

Add a Cat Writing Prompt

Add a cat to one of your stories. What role could the cat play? Alternatively, you could write a poem about a cat or a journal entry about what your cat did this week.

Use a Riddle (4-14-18)

Why is a raven like a writing desk

The Mad Hatter asks the curious riddle "Why is a raven like a writing desk" in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Find a way to incorporate a riddle into a story. Do you have a character that likes riddles? Is there a riddle that needs to be solved by your characters as part of an adventure?

Twist Your Story (4-9-18)

Twist Your Story Writing Prompt

You probably have a number of unpublished stories. Select one of them and rewrite it from the point of view of a different character. You might be able to go deeper with a minor character or maybe the main villain has hidden depths. You could also add a more sinister villain to a story that does not really have one. If your story is not getting published it could be time to rethink it. Mix it up.

Stolen Glasses (3-27-18)

Stolen Glasses Writing Prompt

Write a story where an item of seemingly little value is stolen and a ransom note is left. This actually happened to author Jonathan Franzen when his glasses were stolen at a book launch party.

David's Tools (3-21-18)

David's Tools Writing Prompt

David might be up to something nefarious. Has he made a crucial error?

The Amazing Gift (3-14-18)

Mary's Amazing Gift Writing Prompt

"Two days ago Mary would have told anyone that she every boy in her school. Today, she was sitting underneath a tree in the park holding the amazing box in disbelief. She couldn't believe he had given her this.

Scary Words Horror Prompt (3-7-18)

Use one or more of of the scary words or phrases below to write a horror poem or short story. If you choose a story, which one of your characters will die? Who will survive?

Writing Prompt Resources

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