Journal Prompts

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What is a Journal Prompt?

A journal prompt is anything that helps inspire and motivate you to write in your journal. It can be a question, a picture, thinking about something you did recently, a newspaper headline, etc. Simply asking yourself the question, "What should you write about in your journal?," might prompt you to create an entry.

Getting Creative

Sometimes we all get a little stuck and we can't think of what to write in our journal. The blank page can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be. You can write about anything you want. You can write about what your cat is doing. You can write about the thing someone said that is still bothering you. You can write your thoughts on the last film or television show you watched. You can write something private if you are sure no one is going to read your journal. I can be constructive and therapeutic to write your thoughts down if you are seemingly writing about nothing important.

If you are a creative writer and you like fiction or poetry you should check out our pages on writing prompts and poetry prompts. These ideas might inspire you start a story or quickly write a poem that will quickly make that blank page disappear.

Journal Prompts

Here is a list of journal prompts to inspire you to write in your journal. These are ideas to help you out when you are stuck. Choose any topic you like.

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