Writing Prompts for Kids

These resources contain writing prompts and story starters for children. They are resources for kid writers but they might be useful for adults as well. If you are thinking creatively story ideas can be crafted into a story that fits in any genre. For more resources, visit our writing prompts and poetry prompts sections.

  • Journal Prompts can help both adults and kids and inspire them to make journal entries.

  • Journal Buddies offers 75 writing ideas for middle schoolers on its journal prompt ideas page. We like number 50, "Jumping on giant sandwiches."

  • Scholastic Story Starters has young writers begin with a theme - adventure, fantasy, sci-fi or scrambler - and then spin a lever to get your story starter idea.

  • Daily Teaching Tools has a big collection of 180 journal prompts divided into four quarters.

  • Edutopia has a collection of prompts target different grade levels. There are dozens of prompts for elementary school, middle school and high school. This is a good one: "Rewrite 'Hansel and Gretel' from the witch’s perspective."

  • A site called Square Head Teachers has a kids prompts list that contains 60 narrative prompts. One of them involves a strange-looking lady arriving and handing you a present. Could she be a witch? That's up to you.

  • Another good listing of writing prompts can be found at Grasping for Objectivity.

  • You can find more prompts and a printable story idea generator at Super Easy Storytelling.

  • Poetry4Kids has a list of twenty fun writing prompts for kids.

  • Summer should not be writing free. Check out the list of 25 summer writing prompts from True Aim.

  • Another sixty summer writing prompts for kids can be found at Modernmami.