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Stephen King Compares Elon Musk to Tom Sawyer (2022-11-06): Stephen King compares Elon Musk to Tom Sawyer in a tweet. King has also attacked Musk's plans for a new verification fee.

Twitter Reveals Edit Button Under Development (2022-04-05): Twitter reveals it is working on a long awaited edit button. It was revealed by the Twitter Comms account on April 5th.

Twitter Adds Quote Tweets Feature (2020-09-01): Twitter has added a new feature called Quote Tweets that lets you find all the retweets with comments in one place.

Facebook Appears to Target Pinterest with New Hobbi App (2020-02-14): Facebook has launched an app called Hobbi that is similar in style to Pinterest. The app is designed for sharing personal project photos and videos.

Myspace Loses Years of Music and Photos During Botched Server Migration (2019-03-18): Myspace lost years of music, photos and video files during a server migration that went very badly.

Kylie Jenner Crushes Snapchat Stock With Tweet (2018-02-22): Kylie Jenner tweeted that she doesn't use Snapchat anymore and shares of the parent company, Snap, plummeted.

WWE Video is Source of Donald Trump's Juvenile CNN Bodyslamming Video (2017-07-02): A WWE video is the source of a video Donald Trump shared on Twitter where he bodyslams a CNN reporter.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Confuses Twitter With Emoji Filled Tweet (2017-06-10): Sarah Huckabee Sanders confused Twitter this morning with a tweet filled with emojis. It turns out the tweet was sent by her 3 year old.

Twitter Separates Direct Messages From People You Follow and People You Don't Follow (2017-05-31): Twitter has separated Direct Messages from people you follow and people you don't follow into different inboxes.

Donald Trump Tags Wrong Ivanka in Retweet of Random Twitter User (2017-01-17): Donald Trump retweeted a tweet last night that links to the wrong Ivanka. SNL has poked fun at him for his habit of retweeting random Twitter users.

Donald Trump to Use Personal Twitter Account as President (2017-01-16): Donald Trump will keep his Twitter account as President and will not switch to the Twitter account designated for POTUS

Instagram Reaches 600 Million User Mark (2016-12-15): Instagram has reached the 600 million user mark. Instagram says 100 million were added in the past six months.

Trump Blocked Twitter CEO from Tech Meeting Over Crooked Hillary Emoji (2016-12-14): Donald Trump and his team reportedly blocked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey from its tech meeting in Trump Tower over a failed emoji deal.

Instagram Live Video Rolling Out to U.S. Users (2016-12-12): Instagram Live Video is being rolled out to U.S. users this week. The feature competes with Snapchat.

Microsoft and LinkedIn Close Merger Agreement and Reveal Joint Plans (2016-12-12): Microsoft and LinkedIn close the merger agreement and have revealed their joint plans going forward.

Univision to Buy Gawker Media for $135 Million (2016-08-16): Gawker is being sold to Univision for $135 million. Univision outbid Ziff Davis for the blog network.

Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn in $26 Billion Deal (2016-06-13): Microsoft is acquiring LinkedIn in a deal valued at $26.2 billion.

Time Inc. Confirms Myspace Passwords Compromised in Security Breach (2016-05-31): Time Inc. has confirmed Myspace suffered a hacking incident and Myspace passwords were compromised.

Twitter to Give Users More Room for Text in a Tweet (2016-05-24): Twitter will allow users to enter more text into a tweet by excluding usernames in replies and media attachments.

Snapchat Raises Another $200 Million for $20 Billion Valuation (2016-05-23): Snapchat has reportedly raised another $200 million giving the chat social network a $20 billion valuation.