Twitter Adds Quote Tweets Feature

Posted on September 1, 2020

Retweets are an important feature of Twitter and help keep the social network thriving and its members active. Some retweets are more interesting than others. These are the retweets that have a comment or image added by the person making the retweet. Words and pictures do make conversations more interesting. Twitter is now referring to these types of tweets as Quote Tweets.

Twitter has announced a way to make these Quote Tweets easier to find. They will be listed separately beneath the original tweet between the Retweets and the Likes.

Twitter shared the new feature in a tweet that uses a short "Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches?" tweet as an example. Beneath the tweet there are 53 Retweets, 84 Quotes Tweets and 110 Likes. Clicking on "Quote Tweets" then shows all the retweets with comments and images.

People are going to be looking for the Quote Tweets so this new feature should encourage Twitter users to comment more when retweeting.

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