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Welcome to our specialty section for blogging and social media. This section provides blogging resources, news, articles and more.

Blogging News
The latest blogging news coverage from Writers Write.

Blogging Resources
Find links to blogging resources and tools to help you create a weblog, find weblogs and become involved the blogging community.

Before blogging there was journaling. Information about keeping a journal, journal prompts and more.

A Practical Guide to Blogging
Find out what weblogs are all about and whether creating a blog is something you might want to do in this introduction to blogging from The Internet Writing Journal.

Blogging Tips
A collection of blogging tips to help you increase traffic to your blog.

Grammar Tips and Articles
Grammar is still important even if you are blogging. The rules of English still apply.

Blogging Pros and Cons
Should you start a blog? It is time intensive but there are rewards.

What is an RSS Feed?
Find out what an RSS Feed is and learn how to subscribe to them.

Writing Prompts
Do you some inspiration for what to blog about today? These prompts for writers may help you come up with a topic idea.

Remember to celebrate your blogiversary!

Find Blogs
Learn about several methods you can use to quickly find blogs.

What is a Permalink?
Find out what a permalink is and how they are used by different blogging platforms.

Copypasta is repeated copied text that is used to troll members of a forum or blog comment section.

Blog Criticism
There has been a lot of criticism of blogs over the years. These are some of the biggest blog haters.

What is a Blog? Five Things List
Blogs can be hard to define but here you will find a good list of five things that can make a blog a blog.