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Volume 2, Issue 11.

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Talking Romance With Lisa Kleypas
Listen in on our chat with New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas whose romances are read by loyal fans around the world. From shy teenager to Miss America contestant and bestselling novelist, she always worked hard to get where she is while keeping her sense of humor intact. She spoke with us about her rise to the top of the romance genre, her latest bestseller, Stranger in My Arms (Avon, 1998) and why she thinks romance is alive and well in the modern age.

A Conversation With Lynda Robinson
This month we had the pleasure of speaking with Lynda Robinson, bestselling author of the popular Lord Meren mystery series and, as Suzanne Robinson, author of such romance novels as Lady Gallant and The Rescue. Holding a Ph.D. in anthropology, Lynda is an expert on ancient Egypt who is also known for her fascinating plots and her compelling characters, such as Lord Meren, the "Eyes and Ears of the Pharoah." Lynda spoke with us about her latest book, Drinker of Blood (Mysterious Press, 1998) and lets us in on the secret of how she makes the past come alive in her novels.

What's new on the bookshelves?
Visit our Book Review section to see what our reviewers have to say about the latest books. See our new reviews this month in these genres: mysteries, thrillers, general fiction, nonfiction, computers/web design, fantasy/SF and romance.

Creating the Perfect Setting - Part II
Looking to add a little atmosphere in your writing? This month British Crime author Alex Keegan takes on the important issue of settings in this conclusion to his two part series.

Proper Manuscript Format
Nothing puts an editor off faster than an unprofessional-looking manuscript. But how do you polish that piece to perfection? Author Bill Shunn tells you all you need to know to making your submissions look crisp and professional in his article, "Proper Manuscript Format."

Finding Poetry Online
Do you love to read or write poetry? The Internet has a wealth of poetry resources, and you won't want to miss Greg Knollenberg's article entitled, "Finding Poetry Online."

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