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Cory Everson's LifeBalance by Cory Everson

Perigee, October 1998.
Trade Paperback, 254 pages.
ISBN: 0399524444.
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Cory Everson's LifeBalance
by Cory Everson Six-time Miss Olympia, actress, and the host of ESPN2's Gotta Sweat, Corey Everson is one of the most popular fitness experts today. Known for her friendly nature in the cutthroat world of bodybuilding, she has written several books on fitness and nutrition. Her latest book, Cory Everson's LifeBalance is a much-needed addition to the panoply of women's fitness books on the market. Her approach to life is that there should be a balance between the body, mind and spirit and she addresses this issue in a world where most women's lives are totally out of balance because of stress, overwork, fatigue and the unhealthy body images many women have because of our nation's obsession with youth and beauty. Using examples from her own life (she was teased for having too muscular legs as a girl and hid in baggy clothes for years) she teaches a program for women to follow to improve self-confidence and obtain a healthier mind and body -- without crazy diets, starvation or endless hours on the stairmaster. Also included are nutrition and exercise advice, as well as sound psychological habits which can help reverse bad eating and exercise habits. Her program is sensible and achievable, and her tone is friendly and encouraging -- like having a good friend help you out. An excellent book for all women, whether they are in shape or out of shape, obsessed with fitness or just looking to drop those last ten pounds.

John Burningham's France by John Burningham

DK, October 1998.
Hardcover, 127 pages.
ISBN: 0789425572.
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DK Illustrated
by John Burningham Illustrator and children's book author John Burningham has lived in France for over twenty years, and his sometimes exasperated affection for the Gallic way of life is clear in his new book. The book is a pictorial representation of life in modern-day France as seen through Burningham's eyes. With Burningham's illustrations, he gently pokes fun at his adopted home. The Moulin Rouge, the Cannes Film Festival, driving, the proper relationship with the concierge who sees all and reveals nothing, and the sometimes bizarre regulations imposed by the French government all come under Burningham's sharp eye. A good gift for any displaced Francophile.

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