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1999-2000 Writer's Guide to Hollywood Producers Directory and Screewriter's Agents by Skip Press

Prima Publishing, November 1998.
Trade Paperback, 454 pages.
ISBN: 0761514848
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1999-2000 Writer's Guide to Hollywood Producers
Directory and Screewriter's Agents
by Skip Press This invaluable screenwriter's resource provides information about agents, producers, websites and other screenwriting resources. Author and screenwriter Skip Press goes into detail for each of the agent and producer listings, giving important information that screenwriters must have in order to be successful. The book is divided into three sections. Section one contains articles and advice from the author on subjects including screenwriting websites, Indie films, screenwriting software, screenwriting books, screenwriting courses and the Writer's Guild of America. The second section contains the listings of screenwriter's agents. Each listing includes contact information, including email and web addresses, as a well as an in-depth overview of the agency or agent including how they conduct business, their track record and helpful tips. The third section provides the producer and director listings which include email addresses, websites, the staff and its titles and a detailed overview of the company.

Skip Press has created an excellent resource aide for screenwriters which is full of inside information on the movie business, practical advice and up-to-date contact information. The book also acts as a screenwriter's web guide with website reviews and web addresses for agents, directors and producers. Beginning and professional screenwriters alike should own a copy of this information-packed screenwriting reference and keep it next to their computer.

You Can Write a Novel by James V. Smith, Jr.

Writer's Digest Books, September 1998.
Trade Paperback, 138 pages.
ISBN: 089879868X
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You Can Write a Novel
by James V. Smith, Jr. This unique novel writing aide provides practical advice combined with special tools to help the budding novelist create his or her novel in a logical and organized manner. The book is divided into several sections: finding a salable idea, inventing the first critical pieces, building a framework, write your novel, revise your novel to bestseller standards and prepare your novel for submission. In addition to tips, advice on the essentials and instruction the book also includes several features to ensure you have a properly working novel. The features include: a system to determine whether your idea can become a successful novel, The Writer's Toolkit: a collection of folders, pens, index cards and other equipment with an explanation of how to use them to develop your characters and plots, a checklist for picking character's names, the 40 cardinal rules of writing, methods for increasing the pace of your novel and the GAP method: a method where you shorten each chapter by one page to improve the overall writing of your novel.

You Can Write a Novel is a remarkable collection of novel writing advice and techniques. This reference bokk will give beginning novelists the skills and confidence they need to begin and finish their first novel.

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