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Just the Facts Ma'sm by Greg Fallis

Writer's Digest Books, September 1998.
Trade Paperback, 246 pages.
ISBN: 089879823X
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Just the Facts Ma'sm
by Greg Fallis This resource for mystery writers provides the inside scoop on the fact gathering methods and techniques used by skilled detectives. The book covers numerous investigation techniques including qualities of good investigators, type of investigators, the crime scene, surveillance, tailing, finding information sources, undercover operations, wires, bugs and putting the facts together. Each section includes an in-depth explanation of the technique, examples of how it is put to use and short anecdotes. The last chapter contains case studies from real investigations conducted by author, Greg Fallis, who is an experience private investigator.

Just the Facts, Ma'am is a complete guide to the process of investigation. Writers who are working on a mystery or have a novel that requires a crime scene will want to have this book nearby for reference. Highly recommended for crime and mystery writers.

1999 Songwriter's Market by Tara A. Horton

Writer's Digest Books, September 1998.
Trade Paperback, 522 pages.
ISBN: 0898798531
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1999 Songwriter's Market
by Tara A. Horton The Song Writer's Market contains an enormous amount of information for songwriters, including general information about the business, market information, agents and details about additional songwriting resources. The first section of the book includes information about the business of songwriting including how to get started and how to market your work. The market listings in the book include listings for music publishers, record companies and record producers. Each listing includes contact information, the music genre(s) they are looking for and how to submit material. The agent's section contains contact information for the agents, what kinds of music they represent and how to submit work. Also included are guidelines for advertising agencies, audiovisual firms, commercial music firms, play producers and classical performing arts groups. Each category contains a valuable index that allows you to find markets by music genres such as blues, children's music, classical, jazz, metal, new age, rap and rock. The book also contains detailed information about songwriting organizations, contests, awards, songwriting publications, music websites and a glossary. A valuable geographical index is also included which allows songwriters to find markets and resources in their vicinity.

This reference contains everything songwriters need to know about the business and helps them find opportunities to sell their work and meet others in the business. A sensational reference for songwriters.

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