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Here are the latest posts about Blog Criticism on Writers Write:

  • New York Post's Richard Johnson: Blogs are Parasites (2008-03-26): I Want Media has posted this brief one question interview with Richard Johnson, the editor of New York Post's popular gossip column called Page Six.

  • Greg Gutfeld at Fox News Bashes Blogs (2007-12-16): Iran's leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be blogging infrequently but that shouldn't mean blogging is dead.

  • Sports Analyst Stephen A. Smith Bashes Bloggers (2007-12-11): Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith lashes out at the sports blogosphere in a rant.

  • Columnist Calls Blogging Air Guitar Journalism (2007-05-07): Sunday Times columnist David Bullard has written an article about blogs for the Sunday Times that qualifies as pure blog pessimism.

  • John Mayer Pokes Fun at Gossip Blogs (2006-09-30): Singer, songwriter and blogger John Mayer is poking fun at some of the most popular celebrity blogs including Perez Hilton, Pink Is The New Blog and TMZ.

  • Jared Leto Wants Blogging to Die (2006-09-24): Actor Jared Leto has had enough of blogging.

  • How to Talk Yourself Out of Becoming a Blogger (2006-09-17): We certainly aren't going to dissuade you from blogging here on Bloggers Blog but we will point out this one how to article.

  • PC Advisor Accuses Bloggers of Navel Gazing (2006-08-17): We have spotted another good article for our blog pessimism category.

  • Gladwell Calls Blogs Parasites That Feed on Newspapers (2006-06-28): Blogebrity has found a statement from Blink author and blogger Malcolm Gladwell that is highly critical of bloggers.

  • Journalist Compares Blogging to Baking Bread (2006-05-13): Dan Brown compares blogging to baking bread in the London Free Press.

  • Financial Times Launches Blog to Go Along With Blog Bashing Article (2006-02-21): The Financial Times has launched an article highly critical of blogs and a new blog to go with it. It only makes sense if link bait is involved.

  • Columnist Compares Blogs to Minesweeper (2006-02-18): A blog blasting opinion article by Joe Lavin of the Boston Herald compares the time lost reading blogs to the time lost playing Minesweeper.

  • Another Columnist Loathes Blogs (2006-02-13): Michelle Jarboe, a journalist for the News Record in Greensboro, NC, explains her loathing of blogs in a recent article called "Minority View: Send Blogging Bandwagon on its Way.

  • Alan Meckler: 99.99% of All Blogs are Worthless (2005-04-27): Legal departments around the world are concerned that people in their company are just blogging away.

  • Dr. Bombay Crushes Aspiring Blogger (2005-04-04): Dr.

  • ALA President Bashes Bloggers; Neil Gaiman Takes Him to Task (2005-02-26): In a most un-librarianlike move, Michael Gorman, president-elect of the American Library Association, lashed out at bloggers for having bad grammar, being unable to write well and questions their reading habits.