Greg Gutfeld at Fox News Bashes Blogs

Posted on December 16, 2007

Iran's leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be blogging infrequently but that shouldn't mean blogging is dead. Greg Gutfeld at Fox News thinks it does. He also jabs unfairly at senior blogs.

But other than realizing how much it sounds like Olbermann, it dawned on me that when the elderly, squirrels and crazed dictators start blogging, then blogging is dead.

Crazed dictators is not good but seniors? They have every right to blog and probably have far more interesting stories to tell than many of the 20-something bloggers.

Greg Gutfield continues his anti-blog rant by explaining how blogs suck.

The worst five words you can hear at a party are "have you read my blog?" Blogs used be called diaries and they were covered with rainbow stickers and glitter. But now everyone calls them blogs and they suck.

I call it the Sylvia Plath Syndrome: The idea that every nuance of your life should fascinate everyone else. At least Plath had the decency to provide a killer ending.

Some think that if you don't blog, you don't have a life. But it's the opposite. You should be happy that you don't write for dopes who live in a disjointed bubble of weirdness where their own real world cowardice is masked by online bravery.


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