Stephenie Meyer: Writing Twilight Feels Like Homework

Posted on June 27, 2010

Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight saga, stopped work on her fifth novel in the series when the unedited manuscript for Midnight Sun was leaked online. Stephenie Meyer says the material still feels too much like "homework" for her to finish it.

Meyer says, "I want to wait until I'm excited about the material again, and I'm excited about Edward, and that it's something that's motivating. Right now, it feels like homework. And when things feel like homework they go very, very slowly for me. So it's still not a 'It's not gonna happen!' I want to do it when I can do it right."

MTV reports that Meyer made the comments at a mini press junket for Twilight fansites. The author may be tired of vampires, but her readers are craving more of them. She wrote The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, but Twilight fans really want her to complete Midnight Sun.

It is never a good thing if writing feels too much like homework. Meyer did tell Oprah last year that she was feeling a "little burned out" on vampires.

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