Time Magazine Runs Trump Meltdown Cover

Posted on August 12, 2016

Time magazine has a cover story on Donald Trump for its latest issue. The cover features an illustration of a Donald Trump meltdown with an angry orange Trump face melting like an ice cream cone in the hot sun. The clever cover was created by Cuban-born artist Edel Rodriguez.

The story behind the cover describe the troubles for the Trump campaign since the Democratic Convention. Clinton has pulled ahead in the polls since the DNC convention and now has a lead that ranges from about 5 percent to 13 percent depending on which poll you look at.

The article includes details about a call to Trump by GOP boss Reince Priebus. Time says Priebus advised Trump he was on a path to lose the 2016 election and told him he had a responsibility to the party. The exact details of the phone conversations are unknown but it sounds like Priebus wants Trump to stay on message and not say outrageous things that could cause the party to lose lots of seats in November.

The article also mentions statements that have caused Trump problems include his attacks on Gold Star father Khizr Khan and his request that Russia finds Hillary's missing emails. Trump later said he was being sarcastic about requesting assistance from Russian hackers. More recently Trump said Obama was the founder of ISIS and then two days later said he was being sarcastic. He blamed the media for not getting his sarcasm.

There are still over ninety days until election day 2016. The article says the debates could give Trump an opportunity to change minds. It also says, "History suggests that 8-point leads in August can melt like ice cream in the heat." Past candidates have mounted comebacks this late in the election. Trump still has time to close the gap but he continues to say things that detract from his overall message and turnoff voters.

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