Donald Trump Gains in New CNN/ORC Poll

Posted on August 18, 2015

Donald Trump gives thumbs up with Sean Hannity

Donald Trump has made gains again in a new poll from CNN/ORC. The poll found that 24% want Trump as the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. Trump climbed 6% since the last CNN/ORC poll in July.

This gives Trump a big lead in the crowded field. Jeb Bush was second with 13% and Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, was third with 9%.

Trump's favorable rating also climbed in the new poll. 58% of Republican voters now say they have a favorable view of him. Those that have an unfavorable is 38%, down from 42% in July.

On the issues Trump also has the edge with 45% saying he would handle the economy best and 44% saying he would handle illegal immigration the best. He is at 32% on handling ISIS. He is not connecting with Republican voters on social issues where only 18% say of likely Republican voters say he would handle social issues the best. Take a look:

Donald Trump met with Sean Hannity for an interview and shared the above photograph on his Instagram page. Hannity recently defended Trump from an attack by Glenn Beck.

Photo: Donald Trump

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