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American Dialect Society Names Occupy the 2011 Word of the Year (January 8, 2012): The American Dialect Society voted "occupy" as the word of the year for 2011.

The 2012 List of Banished Words and Phrases (December 30, 2011): Lake Superior State University has released its 37th annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness.

Merriam-Webster Adds 150 New Words for 2011 Including Tweet, Bromance and Parkour (August 31, 2011): Merriam-Webster has added 150 new words to its 2011 Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

Lexicographers Create Lists of Endangered Words (August 23, 2011): The Guardian reports that lexicographers at Collins Dictinary have compiled a list of words that are in danger of completely falling out of use.

Concise Oxford English Dictionary Adds Retweet, Textspeak (August 19, 2011): The new edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary includes words like retweet and textspeak.

Oxford Dictionaries Online Adds Twittersphere, NSFW and ZOMG (June 3, 2011): The Oxford Dictionaries Online has announced the addition of another batch of new words to its dictionary.

Interest in Vintage Typewriters on the Rise (March 31, 2011): The New York Times has an interesting article that says typewriters are making a comeback.

LOL, OMG, Heart Symbol Added to Oxford English Dictionary (March 26, 2011): The latest update to the Oxford English Dectionary, published on March 24, includes LOL and OMG, two popular Internet and texting acronyms.

Oxford English Dictionary Will Probably Never Be Printed Again (August 30, 2010): The Telegraph reports that the Oxford English Dictionary will never be printed again.

Oxford Dictionary of English Adds New Terms (August 27, 2010): The Oxford Dictionary of English (ODE) has added 200 new words and phrases in its latest edition.

Paris Hilton in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (July 27, 2010): A quote from Paris Hilton about fashion made it into the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.

MoMA Acquires the @ Symbol (June 28, 2010): MoMA's Department of Architecture and Design announced earlier this year that it acquired the @ symbol into its collection.

AP Stylebook Officially Changes Web Site to Website (April 16, 2010): The AP Stylebook has confirmed that the word website is one word instead of two words, web site. We have been using the website version for years.

LSSU Publishes 2010 Banned Words List (January 21, 2010): Reuters reports that Lake Superior State University wordsmith's have published a list of banned words for 2010.

Google Named Word of Decade. Tweet Named Word of the Year (January 11, 2010): The Washington Post reports that the word "tweet" has been named the word of the year and "Google" has been named the word of the decade by the American Dialect Society.

Study Finds Texting Lingo Doesn't Harm Spelling (November 10, 2009): The Washington Post reports that a University of Alberta study found that texting probably does not mean students will become bad spellers.

Web 2.0 is One Millionth Word (June 15, 2009): Web 2.0 is a word associated with Internet technologies that have a social component and user-generated content.

Wordnik Could Be World's Biggest Online Dictionary (March 16, 2009): The Christian Science Monitor has a detailed story about a Erin McKean.

President Obama Inauguration Speech Word Cloud (January 20, 2009): Above is a word cloud for President Obama's speech today at the Inauguration ceremony created by Wordle.

English Language Will Soon Contain Over 1 Million Words (January 5, 2009): Writers have plenty of words to choose from.