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Bailout is Merriam-Webster's Word for 2008 (December 6, 2008): Bailout is Merriam-Webster's word for 2008.

Top 10 Most Irritating Expressions (November 14, 2008): Researchers at the University of Oxford compiled a list of the Top 10 Most Irritating Expressions in the English language.

The New York Times is Bemused (November 11, 2008): Phillip B.

The Most Mispronounced Word in Britain (September 18, 2008): The most mispronounced word in Britain is phenomenon.

Create Word Clouds With TagCloud or Wordle (August 8, 2008): Fun tools called Wordle and TagCrowd allow you to create a word cloud for any text document you provide.

Merriam-Webster Gets Visual (May 12, 2008): Merriam-Webster recently expanded its online dictionary offerings to include the Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary.

American Dialect Society Names Subprime 2007's Word of the Year (January 23, 2008): The BBC reports that "Subprime" has been voted the word of the year for 2007 by linguists of the American Dialect Society.

Word of the Year: w00t (January 8, 2008): Merriam-Webster has named its 2007 words of the year.

Merriam-Webster Adds 100 New Words (July 13, 2007): USA Today reports that Merriam-Webster is adding 100 new words to its dictionary.

Crunk Added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary (July 12, 2007): Crunk has made its way into the Merriam-Webster dictionary after an evolution of usage that includes hip-hop magazines, sports magazines and the New York Times.

Mignon Fogarty and the Audiobook (May 7, 2007): Mignon Fogarty is the host of the podcast called Grammar Girl.

Plutoed Named Word of the Year (January 17, 2007): The BBC reports that the American Dialect Society has voted "Plutoed" as the 2006 word of the year.

Truthiness is Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year (December 13, 2006): Merriam-Webster has announced that they have selected truthiness as the 2006 Word of the Year.

New Zealand to Allow Text-Speak in Exams (November 11, 2006): The Associated Press is reporting that New Zealand is going to high school students to use text-speaking or texting acronyms in national exams.

The Life of a Lexicographer (November 6, 2006): In a somewhat lengthy article, The New York Times describes the life of the lexicographers who are hard at work creating the 3rd edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Google's Trademark Lawyers Are Not Happy (October 30, 2006): Michael Krantz of the official Google blog team addresses the trademark issues the company is facing as the word "google" is increasingly being used as a verb.

Tech Lingo Still Confuses People (October 5, 2006): A British study found that many people are baffled by the onslaught of new tech terms.

Google's Trademark Lawyers Take Aim At Googling (August 16, 2006): We knew it.

A Color Coded Map of Nouns (July 12, 2006): Color Code is an interactive map of 33,000 words, grouped by meaning.

Unibrow and Himbo Make It Into the Dictionary (July 7, 2006): Some new words have been added to the dictionary.